Let Me Entertain You

Let Me Entertain You

Provoking discussion through art

Provoking discussion through art

Shh!! Silence is Golden...the show is about to begin

My Beginnings

As a young sociology student I was blessed with the ability to make a difference in the world (AmericaOnline 1998 ) and I have felt the presence of your eyes since then.  Because of this, I have been in performance mode ever since and you have all been watching.  

It is also relevant to mention that I am a paranoid schizophrenic and if this is all in my head then I guess my audience has been what it should have been, an expression of self.  

I have recently decided to let you guys in on it if you haven't deduced it yet.

About my projects

I have made pieces of work from each of my projects (some confiscated by the police, others lost, and some I still hold).

I will be recreating those that I lost and posting pictures on this website.  

You can interpret what you want from each project but the descriptions below only depict my personal intentions.


AmericaOnline: Privacy in the digital Age

Having been blessed or cursed with digital infamy, however you want to see it, how easy is it to lose your anonymity in the age of the world wide web? 

Shotgun Safety: The 2nd Amendment

Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles County I was introduced to gun violence in high school, (yes even in the suburbs!). Whichever side of debate you're on, I hope there is awareness now for those that don't see it in their own neighborhoods.  

The need for greed

Living in this fast paced land of excess, it is crazy what I will do for money. What is the price tag for my self respect?

The american flag...the price of freedom

It's easy to take for granted all the freedoms we have in America.  After waving this makeshift flag (see pic) I spent two years in prison in a country highly criticized for it's human rights and freedom of speech record.

This land is my land, this land is your land

I am of Chinese ethnicity, the first ethnicity to be legislatively banned from immigrating to America.  Having been in a deport center for a year, I have seen the deprecation of those seeking a better life, however I don't like being cut in front of in line.

Paranoid mediaocrosy

Is it just me or do I (we) just see the hate and violence on TV? Something about my brain is inherently attracted to it or is it true all they show on TV is fear producing? No wonder I have a shotgun on my lap at all times!  Agghh I hear voices!

Get in Touch!

Feel free to send me comments (this is your chance to have your hate comments digitized for all eternity)

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